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Comcast Bandwidth Meter helps you Monitor bandwidth usage. Did you know that your Comcast "Unlimited" Internet service is not really unlimited? "As of October 1, 2008, data usage above 250 Gigabytes ("GB") per month per Comcast High-Speed Internet residential customer account is considered to be excessive" (details available on Comcast's website). From personal experience I know it is important to monitor your Internet usage. Before I was aware of this cap, Comcast had shut of my connection for exceeding this limit. With Comcast Bandwidth Meter, you can see exactly how much bandwidth you have used this month, and whether you are in danger of exceeding your cap. And because it queries Comcast's website directly, you can be sure the numbers are accurate.

10.12 AfFB5.Comcast.Bandwidth.Meter.version.3.3.7.dmg [16670 kbytes]
OS X version.1.4.7.Comcast.Bandwidth.Meter.qXD.tar.gz [16518 kbytes]
Updated version vers.1.6.7_Comcast_Bandwidth_Meter_SFqi.pkg [18186 kbytes]
El Captan 8smYy-Comcast-Bandwidth-Meter-ver-1.3.11.tar.gz [16973 kbytes]
to 10.12.5 qFQjC_v_1.3.8_Comcast_Bandwidth_Meter.tar.gz [16064 kbytes]
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Recomended to Sierra wHU.sdTime.1.3.5.pkg (5389 KB) 1.3.4
10.13.4 version.2.6.1.Core.Shell.sjFGY.pkg (18739 KB) 1.7.1
New! version Natural-Threat-2-v-1.3-LvJK.pkg (964689 KB) 1.4
Version on 10.12.4 Pa3k-v-2.4.1-Podcast-Maker.pkg (4460 KB) 1.5.1

| 13487 KB | Software VER. 1.6.7 COMCAST BANDWIDTH METER WOM 1.3.10 New Sierra
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